Beam & Balance | Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 | 25ml Spray

Brand: Bare Biology

With 4,000IU of vitamin D3 balanced perfectly with 100ug of K2 per 3 sprays, it’s easy to vary the dose depending on your needs. 

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Support your immune system by keeping your vitamin D levels high with this super easy spray. No unnecessary ingredients, just vitamins D3 & K2, MCT oil & peppermint oil. 100% plant based & made in the UK.

With 4,000IU of vitamin D3 balanced perfectly with 100ug of K2 per 3 sprays, it’s easy to vary the dose depending on your needs. With no added sugars or thickeners, this super pure and plant based supplement is a must-have for supporting immunity, healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

25ml - 180 sprays per bottle

4,000IU D3 and 100ug K2 per 3 sprays

Great for everyone over 12, all year round


  • Medium Chain Triglycerides (Coconut)
  • Vitamin K2 compound K2VITAL MK-7® (Medium chain triglycerides, menaquinone-7)

  • Vitamin D3 Compound (Medium chain triglycerides, plant derived cholecalciferol)
  • Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita)

All ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Nutritional Content (per 3 sprays):

Vitamin D3 100 µg/4,000IU 2,000%
 Vitamin K2 100 µg 133%

*Nutritional Reference Value

Beam & Balance is in a base of MCT oil which helps you absorb the vitamins D3 & K2 as they’re fat soluble so you don’t have to take it with food, but it’s generally better to take supplements at meal times.

3 sprays contain 4,000IU of D3 and 100ug of K2, which is the maximum dose.  You can also take one spray for just over 1,300IU of D3 depending on your needs.

We advise everyone to take a vitamin D blood test to find out your levels if possible.


Keep out of direct sunlight - Vitamin K2 is photosensitive.

It’s always good to check with your doctor before taking supplements like this one if you: 

  • Are on any medication, such as blood thinners or are about to have surgery 
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have health concerns or conditions 
  • You should never supplement K2 if you’re on blood-thinning medication such as warfarin

Taking too much vitamin D creates toxic levels of calcium in your blood. This may lead to nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, constipation, dizziness, fatigue, excessive thirst, poor appetite and frequent urination.

Not recommended for children under 12 due to the peppermint oil.


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