SleepyPatch Sleep Promoting Stickers

Brand: The Natural Patch Co.

Sleepy Patches use a specially crafted formulation of essential oils to bring on sleep. Sleepy Patch is designed to help calm the nervous system, the mind and stimulate an overall relaxed sensation.

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SleepyPatch uses the natural power of essential oils such as Lavender and Mandarin to bring on a relaxing, calming state that helps your kids breeze through their bedtime routine, giving you more “me time” in the evening.

Studies have shownthat Lavender essential oil can also improve sleep quality and the feeling of waking more refreshed and with more energy.

  • Makes your bedtime routine, easier and fuss-free
  • More “me-time” in the evenings
  • Less night-time visitors

SleepyPatch uses a specially crafted formulation of essential oils to bring on sleep.

SleepyPatch is designed to calm the nervous system, the mind, and stimulate an overall relaxed sensation.

It works by triggering the receptors in the nose which then sends messages through the nervous systems to the limbic system which controls behavior and emotions.

SleepyPatches are infused with essential oils and thanks to our unique material, the patches diffuse the aroma consistently throughout the night.

The nanomaterial releases molecules of oils every 30 seconds so you can count on our patches working all night long.

Signs of relaxation make take up to 30 minutes and the range effect will vary between individuals.

The SleepyPatch is formulated with a blend of mandarin, lavender, sweet marjoram, and vetiver essential oils.

Stick a patch to your kids pyjamas to help get them settled and bring on sleepyness

Safe for kids 2+ year old

100% natural components and medical adhesive are safe for even the littlest ones

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